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    The purpose of this document is to make the detailed data on Zooplankton samples available to the scientific community in electronic format and to provide a convenient reference for citing the detailed data. Zooplankton samples were collected at Ocean Station P from 1956 to 1980 and were analyzed to various levels of taxonomic resolution over the years. The dataset has reformatted detailed data, any errors discovered corrected and extra information added to produce one complete dataset for the whole sampling period. This dataset contains total zooplankton wet weights/m3 for the whole period 1956 to 1980, as well as densities for five major taxa (copepods, chaetognaths, euphausiids, amphipods and Aglantha) from 1964 to 1967 and species identifications, counts and lengths for many samples collected between 1968 to 1980. Document comes with a diskette containing the corrected detailed zooplankton data, methods used to collect and process the data and other pertinent information about the data.