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    This data report is one of a planned series to describe results of resource assessment surveys for groundfish in the eastern Bering Sea. The report describes methods used and summarized results of the 1980 survey in the form of a series of tables and figures and in data appendices. Summarized in the results sections are a list of species taken during the survey, abundance estimates of major taxonomic groups of fish and rankings of individual species of groundfish in terms of relative abundance. For principal species of groundfish, geographic distributions and size and age composition are illustrated and abundance estimates given. The appendices contain detailed station and catch data and computer listings of abundance estimates and biological characteristics of the sampled populations of principal species of groundfish.[Reference: Umeda, Y. and R. Bakkala. 1983. Data Report: 1980 demersal trawl survey of the eastern Bering Sea continental shelf. NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS F/NWC-49. NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service, Seattle, WA 98115. pp.180]